Classless Warrior fans boo Owner

The Golden State Warrior fans showed just how classless they are after booing the owner, Joe Lacob, during the a ceremony at halftime to retire former player Chris Mullin’s jersey.  If you haven’t read the story, click here to do so.

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Chris Mullin's No. 17 was retired by the Warriors on Monday, something the five-time All-Star and former Golden State executive said he "never believed would happen."

Unfortunately because of the boos the Warrior fans did not accomplish what they set out to do, which was voice their displeasure with the owner about the trade of fan favorite Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks.  Instead they showed an immense lack of class, respect and dignity in the timing and length of their booing their owner.  Not only was the halftime program honoring a legend of the franchise neither the place nor the time to voice such displeasure, they had to be reprimanded by Mullin and Dave Barry, both former players in Golden State and respected individuals to quit booing.

This was the ultimate slap in the face to Mullin, showing how far fans have fallen in Golden State.  Lacob happens to be doing things he believes will make the franchise better in the long run.  First of all they acquired defensive-minded center Andrew Bogut, and although has been injury-prone and has an injury currently, he will make the Warriors better defensively.  Defense is a facet of the game in which the Warriors have largely ignored during the last five years.  They have been able to score on anybody, but at the same time anyone has been able to score on them.

I hope the Warrior fans can learn from this experience and realize that it was a poor, classless decision on their part and although it may have been justified, do not do it when your franchise is honoring one of the few great players that has played in a Warriors uniform.  Please, please, please, show some class and respect so that when your owner continues to try and build your franchise with better players they look forward to coming and playing there instead of dreading it and doing everything they can not to go there.

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