Classless Warrior fans boo Owner

The Golden State Warrior fans showed just how classless they are after booing the owner, Joe Lacob, during the a ceremony at halftime to retire former player Chris Mullin’s jersey.  If you haven’t read the story, click here to do so.

Kelley L Cox/US Presswire
Chris Mullin's No. 17 was retired by the Warriors on Monday, something the five-time All-Star and former Golden State executive said he "never believed would happen."

Unfortunately because of the boos the Warrior fans did not accomplish what they set out to do, which was voice their displeasure with the owner about the trade of fan favorite Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks.  Instead they showed an immense lack of class, respect and dignity in the timing and length of their booing their owner.  Not only was the halftime program honoring a legend of the franchise neither the place nor the time to voice such displeasure, they had to be reprimanded by Mullin and Dave Barry, both former players in Golden State and respected individuals to quit booing.

This was the ultimate slap in the face to Mullin, showing how far fans have fallen in Golden State.  Lacob happens to be doing things he believes will make the franchise better in the long run.  First of all they acquired defensive-minded center Andrew Bogut, and although has been injury-prone and has an injury currently, he will make the Warriors better defensively.  Defense is a facet of the game in which the Warriors have largely ignored during the last five years.  They have been able to score on anybody, but at the same time anyone has been able to score on them.

I hope the Warrior fans can learn from this experience and realize that it was a poor, classless decision on their part and although it may have been justified, do not do it when your franchise is honoring one of the few great players that has played in a Warriors uniform.  Please, please, please, show some class and respect so that when your owner continues to try and build your franchise with better players they look forward to coming and playing there instead of dreading it and doing everything they can not to go there.

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Peyton is a Bronco!

Well I have decided it is time to eat my words.  After all of my blog posts about being fed up with the whole Peyton Manning ordeal and the hoopla surrounding his last year as a Colt and his impending free agency, Manning is a Denver Bronco.

That is about the only team he could have gone to which would have made me change my tune.  My beloved Broncos have snared the only quarterback which would have justified ousting the ever-popular Tim Tebow.  If you have not read the story, here is the ESPN story on Manning going to Denver.

Former Indianapolis Colt quarterback Peyton Manning hoists the Lombardi trophy after winning the Super Bowl after the 2006 season. Manning has recently signed with the Denver Broncos after a high-profile free agency and his release from the Colts.

Now first off I want to acknowledge the good things Tebow did for the Broncos last season.  Sure, He wasn’t the most prolific quarterback and sometimes looked downright dazed and confused in the pocket, but all the kid did was win ball games.  Now I want to be one of the first to throw this out there, because most of the speculation has been that the Broncos should trade Tebow, but I say let the kid play behind Manning and keep him as an insurance policy.  We all are aware of Manning’s well-documented surgeries and how one hit could take Manning out for an extended period of time, so why not hold on to a guy who has played well for you just in case?

I feel as though I am a broken record, but don’t you think there are a few things Tebow could learn playing behind arguable one of the best play-callers in the history of the game?  It sure worked out for the Green Bay Packers and we all know Manning is not the six-year solution.  Everyone expects him to play three to five more years in the NFL before riding off into the sunset as one of the best of all time.  Tebow would surely be ready by then, if not sooner, and would either emerge as a superstar quarterback after Manning’s tutelage or be a trade bait of significant proportions to the highest bidder.  Elway has a plethora of options and I hope he explores them all before pulling the trigger on a quick trade of Tebow.  Elway knows what he is doing and I have high hopes he will do everything in his power to do what he deems is best for the franchise.

I believe with the addition of Manning, it immediately makes the Denver Broncos one of the favorites to represent the AFC in the 2013 Super Bowl.

Here is a look at Manning’s career stats, according to

Season Team Passing Rushing Fumbles
G GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck SckY Rate Att Yds Avg TD FUM Lost
2011 Indianapolis Colts 0 0 0.0
2010 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 450 679 66.3 4,700 6.9 33 17 16 91 91.9 18 18 1.0 0 3 1
2009 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 393 571 68.8 4,500 7.9 33 16 10 74 99.9 19 -13 -0.7 0 2 0
2008 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 371 555 66.8 4,002 7.2 27 12 14 86 95.0 20 21 1.1 1 1 0
2007 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 337 515 65.4 4,040 7.8 31 14 21 124 98.0 20 -5 -0.3 3 6 1
2006 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 362 557 65.0 4,397 7.9 31 9 14 86 101.0 23 36 1.6 4 2 1
2005 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 305 453 67.3 3,747 8.3 28 10 17 81 104.1 33 45 1.4 0 5 2
2004 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 336 497 67.6 4,557 9.2 49 10 13 101 121.1 25 38 1.5 0 5 1
2003 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 379 566 67.0 4,267 7.5 29 10 18 107 99.0 28 26 0.9 0 6 1
2002 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 392 591 66.3 4,200 7.1 27 19 23 145 88.8 38 148 3.9 2 6 2
2001 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 343 547 62.7 4,131 7.6 26 23 29 232 84.1 35 157 4.5 4 7 3
2000 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 357 571 62.5 4,413 7.7 33 15 20 131 94.7 37 116 3.1 1 5 2
1999 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 331 533 62.1 4,135 7.8 26 15 14 116 90.7 35 73 2.1 2 6 3
1998 Indianapolis Colts 16 16 326 575 56.7 3,739 6.5 26 28 22 109 71.2 15 62 4.1 0 3 1
TOTAL 4,682 7,210 64.9 54,828 7.6 399 198 231 1,483 94.9 346 722 2.1 17 57 18

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March Madness is Here

So it is the best time of the year for college basketball, March is here and that means the basketball tournament.  When a No. 12 team can beat a No. 4 team.  Anyone who is anyone will be filling out a March Madness bracket and trying to beat their friends at picking the right teams.  VCU was the cinderella team last year and everyone asks who will be cinderella this year.  I have filled out a bracket on Yahoo! Sports and have a link here so you can check out my picks and take a look.  I wish everyone a happy March Madness and may you all win your office pools or at least come close.  I am hoping I do!  Here is a blank bracket you can print off and fill out to your heart’s content.

Just a quick rundown of the happenings of the first day in the tournament.  Almost all of the higher seeds won, with the exception of last year’s Cinderella story VCU and lone Pac-12 representative Colorado.  You can just never count out a team with a coach named Shaka Smart.  UCONN’s title defense only lasted one night as they lose to Iowa State.  Syracuse barely beats UNC-Ashville in a controversial game.  Some of the big boys that play tomorrow are Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State, and Duke.  Check back later today for an update on the day’s action.

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Peyton Manning and the Colts part ways

Well, it is official.  The Manning saga is finally over.  I for one am grateful that it is finally over, because I am sick of hearing of it, but at the same time I feel a little sad for Peyton Manning.  He was discarded almost as quickly as you could say see you later.  He was someone who I believed deserved a little more credit for the things which he did for the franchise.  If Manning is healthy enough, there is not a team in the NFL that would not want him under center.

Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay address the media during a press conference in which Irsay announced the Colts would be releasing Manning after 14 years under center in Indianapolis.

Manning has always been a class act and left Indianapolis that way, when he could have ripped owner Jim Irsay for the way he had handled everything on Twitter and other social media sites, but he didn’t.  Manning is someone who I have grown to respect as a human being and a football player despite his annoying Oreo ads with brother Eli Manning.  Peyton is someone who has always gone to work, done his job and done it extraordinarily well.

Now on to the speculation of where Manning will go, I for one see him going to the Arizona Cardinals for several reasons.  First of all the climate, now he will never admit it, but he would much rather play in a warm climate and in a dome.  It just makes sense climate-wise.

Second of all, who wouldn’t want to throw the football to Larry Fitzgerald?  Fitzgerald has come out publicly and said he hopes he gets to play with Manning at least once in his career and who can blame him?  If Manning can throw and proves he can come back with no ill effects from his four surgeries, I think the Cardinals ought to pursue him as aggressively as they pursued Kevin Kolb last season.  Maybe Kolb can learn some new things under the tutelage of Manning, that is if he can set aside his pride.

As much as I think Manning should go to the Cardinals, I wish it would have been talked about more with him staying and still drafting Andrew Luck.  I still think it was feasible for Luck to play under Manning for two seasons and pass on valuable information to the rookie.  Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure it worked out well in Green Bay for a guy named Aaron Rogers who sat behind a guy named Brett Favre for three seasons.  I think he won a Super Bowl or something, but don’t tell Irsay that, he just got rid of his best chance to win another one in the next four years.

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Bounty Program hurts NFL

Gregg Williams looks on during a New Orleans Saints game. Williams announced his involvement in a bounty program going on while he was the defensive coordinator for the team.

Now reading the title of this post unless you have been holed up under a rock since Friday, you know this has to do with former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.  Williams has admitted to running the pool in the which he made payments to defensive players when they took an opposing player out of the game.  Read the ESPN story here in which Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis, the head coach and the general manager of the Saints respectively, apologize for the program.

This is the problem with our system in the sports world, especially with the rumors going around that this may not be the only bounty program going on in the NFL.  Williams has brought disgrace to the NFL by running this kind of a program, even though some former players are more upset that someone ratted the program out and ruined some kind of unwritten locker room rule.  Now that is pretty low and sounds pretty selfish, only being mad that they were caught not that what they were doing was wrong.  Is that what society is now teaching our youngsters?  It is only wrong if you are caught?  That is not the case, this is awful, wrong, immoral, and disgusting in every sense of the word. I am glad I do not root for the Saints because after this I would seriously be considering changing my allegiances because I would not want to support a franchise such as this.  I hope Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner comes down as hard on these guys as everyone thinks he will, because this needs to be nipped in the bud.

I think Goodell needs to suspend Williams for at least the upcoming season if not longer than that, and suspend Payton for at least half of the season.  The most disturbing part of the story is the fact that several years ago the NFL alerted the owner to the fact that this may be happening and to get it taken care of.  The owner asked Loomis to get it taken care of and he didn’t.  To think this could have all been avoided if Loomis simply would have done his job.  Now this has the potential to ruin two franchises as Williams has already been hired to be the defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams and the Saints will definitely be hit with some sanctions.  Now it just remains to be seen how hard they will be hit.

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